‘Suzy’ zine featured on Amy&Pink. NSFW
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Interview on Berlin’s ‘Flux FM’, talking about ‘Young Soul Rebels’, subcultures and the art of making zines (in German).


‘Young Soul Rebels’ in German INTERVIEW.


‘Young Soul Rebels’ in Jocks & Nerds Magazine.


Interview for ‘Manfrotto School of Excellence’, 2016. Read the whole interview here: Manfrotto


Motalité: I want to ask you about your Project section… Your Isle of Skye pictures seem quite nostalgic because there are no people in them. Can you tell me about this work in particular?

Dennis: It’s a mood piece. The sun is out but there’s also a few clouds passing by, it’s that state of mind where you’re on your highest alert and when I was there I was on my highest alert because it’s so beautiful and you feel small and lost. And that’s kind of a nice feeling to have sometimes. Also you realise what really matters in life, how insignificant a lot of things really are. So I suppose those pictures portray what I’m trying to do in my people photography as well, just getting that right moment in time, in a way.

Excerpt of interview in ‘Motalité’, 2015.


Recens: How did you get to study photography and how did your interest in it come about?

Dennis: I started to develop a passion and love for images as a teenager. I was spending a lot of time in libraries and book shops, I looked at a lot of books and some magazines. Also I went to museums and galleries always on the lookout for a visual fix. I would spend hours looking at images, they took a hold of me, mesmerised me and to a degree those images still influence my work today. I was also interested in film and went to a lot of art house cinemas. Eventually I started an university course in Audio-Visual Production Studies in London. After graduating with a BA I attended a postgraduate course in Photography at the University of Westminster in London.

Excerpt of interview in ‘Recens Paper’, 2015.


‘Young Soul Rebels’ zine as featured on ANOTHER LOVES.


My work in: Keaney, Magdalene. Fashion Photography Next. London: Thames & Hudson, 2014.


‘Hors-Champ’ exhibition in Soho NYC featuring my work. Curated by C.S. Valentin.


Advertisement for ‘Pam Hogg’.


Lake Bell for ‘Acne Paper’.


‘Raf Simons’ hardback by Terry Jones, published by Taschen.
Photo by Dennis Schoenberg.


Goshka Macuga Monograph published by Distributed Art Publishers: ‘Exhibit, A’
Cover Photo by Dennis Schoenberg.


‘Submersion’ video for ‘Giles’ on Hunger TV.


Komakino Propaganda A/W 12/13 campaign.


AnOther Magazine – Fashion in Pictures


Dazed Digital


AnOther Magazine – The Sound of Style
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‘Contemporary Fashion Photographers’ by Natalie Viaux, published by DAAB.


‘Safety-pin stuck in my heart’ project featured in i-D Magazine.


‘Safety-pin stuck in my heart’ project featured in Clash Magazine.


Komakino film shown at Envoy Enterprises Gallery, New York.